Must-See White Architecture in Algiers

Alger la Blanche – Algiers the White

Often reffered to as “Algiers the White” because of its beautiful white facades with blue shutters this city is an example of a Muslim Mediterranean city. Casbah quarter, atrium houses, markets, merchant’s palaces and beautifully crafted moques all represent a counter-part to it’s European twins on the north like Barcelona or Marseille. If you decide to visit the citiy, here is what Algiers architecture you have to see:

1. National Theater of Algiers

The original building was expanded in 1860, 1871 and in 1882 after the great fire. Designed by F. Chassériau and Ponsard, 1853.

Photo by Chris Hunkeler

2. Algiers Prefecture

Known as Wilaya building this white building is situated on the old harbour and is best seen from the sea. Designed by F. Henri Petit in Neo-Moorhish style, 1904.

Photo by OMAR-DZ

3. Grand Post Office

The Grand Post Office is one of the symbols of Algiers. It was one of the most important institutions of the French colonial rule. Designed by Voinot and Tondoire in Neo-Moorhish style, 1913

Photo by Ludovic Courtès

4. Hotel Albert Le 1er

Here you will notice a mediterranean influence of white walls and blue shutters. It is one of those buildings Algiers is called a “White city”. Built in 1930.

Photo by BigBadi

5. Central Faculty of Algiers

Designed by Louis Dolphin and Henry Petit, 1879. Labyrinths and amphitheaters designed by Jean-Jacques Deluz. Restored in 1963 by Georgette Cottin.

Photo by Yelles

6. Civic House

The building hosts an exhibition hall a ballroom, a theater, a conservatory and an art gallery. Designed by Léon Claro, 1935.

Photo by Yves Jalabert


7. Maqam Echahid

An grand monument paying tribute to the Algerian war for independence. It is designed in the shape of three standing palm leaves which make a form of the “Eternal Flame”. Designed by Bachir Yellès, Marian Konieczny, 1982.

Photo by David Bjorgen

8. Notre Dame d’Afrique

The famous inscription on the apse says: “Our Lady of Africa, pray for us and for the Muslims”. Designed by Jean-Eugène Fromageau, 1872.

Photo by Magharebia 

9. The Great Mosque

A fine example of Almoravid architecture in Algeria. The building first completed in 1097, in 1324 the minaret was added and in 1840 the Gallery outside.

Photo by Benzita Abdelhadi

10. Palais des Raïs

The palace is a complex of different pieces built in different periods. The most imposing part of the palace is the Ottoman layer. Built 16-18th centuries.

Photo by Mimosa dz

11. Ketchaoua Mosque

The beautiful mosque is situated in the Casbah quarter and was built by the Ottomans. During the French Colonial ruel it was converted into a cathedral until 1962, when it was converted back into a mosque. Completed in 1612.

12. Djama’a al-Djedid Mosque

Another example of Ottoman architecture in Algiers. It has a 24 meters high dome and barrel vaulted ceilings in the interior. Completed in 1660.

Photo by Deezy31

13. Random residential buildings

Remnants to the French rule these beautiful buildings speak the language of Haussmann, Art Deco and Revival styles.

Photo by Damouns (Damien Boilley) from France

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