London Architectural Guide: 10 Contemporary Must-Visit Landmarks

1. British Museum Court

The Great Court covered square opened in 2000 and it is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It is designed by Foster and Partners, the famous architect who designed the cupola at Reichstag, Berlin. This large steel and glass triangular mesh connects the Reading room, which is placed at the centre of the court to the obod of the neoclassical building. It makes a magnificent representative space, built in the tradition of english conservatories!

Notice that the canopy is curved and denser at the center so every glasspiece is unique.

2. Gherkin Building

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As soon as it was built it has become on of the most famous London’s landmarks. Gherkin is one of the pioneers of energy-saving methods like double glazing and passive solar heating. On the top, there is a bar where you can enjoy the London skyline, but unfortunately the building is not opened for tourists. Designed by Foster and Partners.

3.London City Hall

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The City Hall building is located on southern banks of Thames in a quarter called Southwark. Another landmark by Foster and Partners often compared to an egg, onion or a helmet. There is a small plaza at the entrance where you can sit and relax on the sunken stairs or you can spy the employees inside, because the hall is completely glazed in glass to represent the democratic process of this apparently energy-saving building. Once you are inside make sure to sue the helical walkway (similar to that in Reichstag) to come at the top an enjoy the view.

Notice the building leans to the south so that it’s own mass serves as a sun protection.

4.The Millenium Bridge

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If you want to cross the Thames you might do this at Millenium Bridge, the only pedestrian bridge in central London. Here you can enjoy a beautiful, almost baroque vista, because the bridge is in line with St. Paul’s dome. What’s interesting about this slender bridge is that it had to be closed only two days after it was opened. The reason were the oscillations that happened when pedestrians started walking through. As this effect was noticed by the engineers the codes for bridge building started to change very soon.

Before entering the bridge from the south it may seem that St.Paul’s is floating on the bridge itself.

5. London Aquatics Centre

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This futuristic swimming pool was designed by famous Zaha Hadid in 2004 and finally built in 2011. It’s fluid undulating geometry is undoubtedly inspired by water in a recognisable Zaha style. Many details in the interior feature curved concrete and glass details, even diving boards are elegantly curved. The building got a nickname: the Blue Whale.

6. The Hive at Kew Gardens

The 17 metre tall Hive installation is linked by sensors to beehives in the Gardens so you can hear them communicating with each other. How? Well, you have to bite a stick and feel the vibrations in your bones. This way you become a part of the bee community to understand them better since they are quite in trouble these days.

7. Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

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Crossrail Garden Canary Wharf

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A mixed use scheme developed around Canary Wharf Crossrail Station. It has four levels of retail, roofgardens, pavillions and station entrances, all wraped in a diagonal system timber roof. In a way the building reflects the genius locii of the place since it evokes the old-world ships that once sailed here. Designed by Foster and Partners.

8. Canary Wharf Underground Station

As you enter or leave the station you will always notice the monumental arched glass canopy with curved concrete beams. Columns inside the station have some interesting details like inverted capitels at the top (allowing the station to move in response to geological pressures) and bases clad in stainless steel to prevent vandalism and damage.

9. Merchant Square Bridge

This spectacular bridge consists in five steel beams with a hydraulic mechanism that shape a deck when the bridge is lowered..

10. Evelyn Grace Academy

Designed by famous Zaha Hadid office this school features a famous 100 metres running track. The school also used to have guided tours for visitors.

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