Exploring Art Deco Architecture in Havana, Cuba

Art Deco

It is not a secret the the United States had a big influence in the early days of Cuban independence (and before). When you mix that with Hispanic sense of art and architecture and a tropical climate what you get is a colorful nation like Cuba and Art Deco in Havana. Exploring Havana is like entering a time capsule. Not only the city is one of the best preserved colonial cities of the Americas, but it is one of the top Art Deco destinations. While Europe in 1920s had early modernism, Cuba had Art Deco art executed with luxurious materials and pastel colors.

1. Bacardi Building

Designed by Rafael Fernández Ruenes, Esteban Rodríguez Castell and José Menéndez , 1930.

Photo by James Emery

2. Teatro Fausto

Designed by Saturino Parajon, 1938. It was the first theatre in Havana to have air-conditioning

Havana Art Deco. #havana #cuba #artdeco #deco #teatrofausto

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3. Teatro America

Designed by Fernando Martinez Campos and Pascual de Rojas, 1941.

In the 20s and 30s there was an influx of USA films that helped spread it’s influence in Cuba.


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4. Lopez Serrano Building

Designed by Ricardo Mira and Miguel Rosich, 1932.

5. Casa de las Americas

Designed by Ramón del Busto, 1953 (Art Deco renovation)

Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

6. La Moderna Poesia

Designed by Ricardo Mira, 1941.Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

7. Hotel Nacional

Designed by McKim, Mead and White, 1930.

Photo by momo

8. La Casa de la Amistad (Casa Lasa / Baró)

Designed by Evelio Govantes and Félix Caborrocas, cca 1926.

because of this photo, our next trip is def going to be CUBA! JUST GORGEOUS.

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9. Catalina Lasa and Juan Pedro Baró Mausoleum

Designed by René Lalique, 1930

Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

10. José Martí Memorial, Havana

Designed by team of architects led by Raoul Otero de Galarraga, 1958.

Photo by Cabrera Photo

11. Solomon Kalamanowitz House

Designed by Angel López Valladares, 1936.Photo by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

12. Teatro Sierra Maestra

Designed by Evelio Govantes and Felix Cabarrocas, 1932.

13. Miguel de Soto Methodist Church, Havana

Designed by Ricardo Franklin, 1950.

14. Modelo Brewery, Havana

Designed by Enrique Luis Varela, 1948.

15. El País newspaper building, Havana

Designed by Cristóbal Díaz and Rafael de Cárdenas, 1941

Random Art Deco buildings


Photos by Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose

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